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What Is Search Engine Marketing ?

Search Engine Marketing is a form of modern marketing which helps in enhancing and promoting your website to target audience on the search engine result page with the help of paid processes

Why PPC advertising is important for your business ?

The first question which comes our mind is why should we choose SEM over SEO which is an organic way of reaching to the audience without paying a single penny to Google.

The answer to that question is simple.

SEO will take months or years to display your website on top which totally depends upon the quality and ranking of your website whereas SEM will generate immediate results which will help in enhancing brand awareness and generating better leads for your business

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an online advertisement platform developed by Google in order to help marketers, businessman and service providers to reach their target audience quickly with the help of various bidding techniques on some specific keywords. It runs on a pay per click basis which simply means when a targeted user clicks on your advertisement then Google charges money from you according to your bidding budget.

The amount which advertiser pay to Google for per click on their advertisement is the source of income for Google

Why Use Adwords ?

To Survive in today’s online market, PPC is the best marketing technique to gain huge conversion in a short period of time.

  • Generate awareness about your Brand or Product: Making people aware of your brand is the most important thing to survive in the market so BanyanCrew will help in generating your brand awareness with the help of Google Adwords.
  • Customize Add according to your requirement: Customization of add means modifying the add according to your need anytime.
  • High conversions for your add: Google Adwords help in the high conversion of your ad in such a manner that chances of visitors to become your potential customers increases.
  • Measure the performance of your add: With the help of Google Adds, You can easily measure and track the performance of your add.

Re-marketing with users who checked our product: Re-marketing is a way to connect to all those people who have visited your profile for inquiry or for any other reason then re-marketing will help you in reconnecting with them by showing them relevant ads

Why your business should invest in SEM ?

Immediate Results

The main reason to invest your money in SEM is that it will bring immediate results for your business because motive of every business is to get more conversion and SEM is the best source for this purpose.

Target Audiences

Target Audiences are those audience whom you want to target because every business wants to invest their money in those projects from where they will get good response and target audience will be helpful in creating potential customers into actual customers.

Engagement Rate

If You run a business then your motive will be that more and more people will engage with your product or service and sem will help in increasing the engagement rate of your business.



It’s a process through which all those people can be targeted who have visited our website but didn’t convert. If show relevant ads to them then chances of conversion will increase which will help in expansion of your business.

Measurement of performance

After promoting your website, product or service through SEM, What’s next? Exactly the performance of your ad. SEM will give you a brief measurement of your ad with proper metrics and you can actually see its performance in real time.

Modification of ad

Modification of ad means changing the requirement or target of your ad. Generally it is followed when a user do not get desired result so it’s a feature of SEM that you can bring changes, pause it or cancel your ad anytime even during when it’s running.

Best For Startup

If you have just started a business then PPC/SEM is best marketing technique for your business. Firstly it will help in generating brand awareness and as more and more people will get to know about your brand, it will focus on generating customers/clients for your business

What we offer ?

We have a very caring and friendly staff who all believe in smart work with quality. We give a top priority towards the work of a client.

Client satisfaction is our one and only motto. We believe that if you are investing something, then providing the best result to you is our foremost duty. We have a team of experts who will bring best result for your project. We will share regular report with you so that you will get regular updates of your performance. We don’t make any false promises. We work on commitment; if we have taken a task, then we will definitely finish it

How will you get benefit from our PPC services ?

Our Digital Marketing Agency has a team of certified professionals who will help you in proper assistance 24/7 related to your project. Our team members will put all the efforts for your project which will be beneficial for you

Market research and analysis: Before starting a campaign, our team will perform a market research for the service you want.


Keyword Analysis: Keyword analysis means analyzing some relevant keywords with the help of some tactics which will help your business to


Target Marketing : We will only show your add to those who are interested in your product or service and will bring excellent result with optimum utilization of your budget

Why choose US ?

Our main aim is to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients. We have a team of certified trainers and experts who have a deep knowledge in this industry and will assist you 24/7