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Future continuous tense is used to describe an action that will be in progress at some point of time in future.

a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Will Be ) + Main Verb 1st Form + ing +  Object


1. The chef will be cooking food at this time tomorrow.

2. I will be writing my research paper at this time next week.

3. I will be waiting for you at the main gate.

4. The kids will be playing cricket in the playground.

5. The patients will be feeling better tomorrow.

6. They will be practicing for the exam.

7. The doctor will be curing the patient.

8. She will be cleaning her home.

9. Mohan will be learning English in this institute.

10. Mahesh will be sleeping in the afternoon tomorrow.

11. Venu will be working on her new project.

12. Tanya will be wearing the gown at the party.

13. Farmers will be harvesting their crops.

14. Renu will be coming late from Delhi.

15. Priya will be presenting her project tomorrow.

b) Negative Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Will Not Be ) + Main Verb 1st Form + ing +  Object


1. The kids will not be playing.

2. He will not be studying.

3. They will not be going to Delhi.

4. I will not be buying a new phone.

5. They will not be getting their certificates without submitting the documents.

6. Children will not be watching the television.

7. Patient will not be dying of Coronavirus.

8. It will not be raining after some time.

9. Students will not be attending their classes due to flood

10. Riya will not be dancing at the stage.

11. Ramesh will not be shivering due to cold

12. We will not be fighting over communal disputes.

13. Sumit will not be working in my company.

14. Mrs. Sethi will not be giving her speech at the podium.

15. We will not be attending the classes due to government orders.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb ( Will ) + Subject + Be + Main Verb 1st Form + ing +  Object


1. Will he be going to the school tomorrow?

2. Will she be buying a new laptop?

3. Will they be helping her?

4. Will the seminar not be occurring due to bad weather?

5. Will riots be happening in the future?

6. Will employees be attending the workshop tomorrow?

7. Will the wires be tangling on the poles?

8. Will they be celebrating the festival of Holi?

9. Will she be beating her children?

10. Will Mukesh be visiting your office tomorrow?

11. Will you be planning for your future?

12. Will she be waiting for me?

13. Will she be playing the guitar?

14. Will Rama be scolding her neighbour?

15. Will the kids be studying?


Fill in the blanks :

1. Japan will not be ______ with India.

a). fights

b). fight

c). fighting

2. …………..