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Future indefinite tense is used to describe an action that will occur in the future.

a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Will ) + Main Verb 1st Form + Object


1. I will go to school.

2. He will come to Delhi tomorrow.

3. They will speak to the program coordinator.

4. Sameera will eat her lunch.

5. The train will leave the station in the evening.

6. Children will play on the ground.

7. Manish will pick the call.

8. Sun will consume the earth.

9. Sita will go to the college.

10. Ramesh will solve the problem.

11. Coronavirus will end soon.

12. Suresh will take the class.

13. Australia will win the 2020 world cup.

14. The gardener will water the plants.

15. Anshi will go to the museum.

b) Negative Sentence

Subject +  Auxiliary Verb ( Will ) + Not +  Main Verb 1st Form + Object


1. I will not buy a phone.

2. The kids will not play on the ground.

3. He will not come to class.

4. They will not eat their lunch.

5. I will not help you

6. Rita will not go to the office tomorrow

7. Bahadur will not lend you money

8. China will not become vegetarian.

9. Turkey will not protect Pakistan against terrorism.

10. Muskan will not attend the seminar.

11. Rambabu will not refuse your proposal.

12. Shubham will not work on this project.

13. Teachers will not complete the syllabus.

14. Soumya will not buy Montex pen

15. Warden will not scold the boys.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb ( Will ) + Subject +  Main Verb 1st Form + Object


1. Will they help me?

2. Will he go to the office?

3. Will she carry an umbrella?

4. Will you call me?

5. Will she go to England next year?

6. Will it rain today?

7. Will Siya go to the market?

8. Will corruption in India end?

9. Will she appear for her exams?

10. Will West Indies win the match?

11. Will I purchase a new car?

12. Will you respect your parents?

13. Will I improve my communication skills?

14. Will Rahul go to Delhi?

15. Will NASA get success to reach Titan?


Fill in the blanks : Change the verb into Simple future tense:

1. I ______________(help) you with your homework.

2. She  ______________ (be) here very soon.

3. They ______________ (come) at 8 o’clock.

4. You ______________ (call) me next week.

5. I ______________ (use) the money wisely.

6. We ______________ (return) as soon as possible.

7. It  ______________ (rain) tomorrow.

8. Ralf ______________ (pay) for it.

9. Amanda ______________ (win) this game.

10. Maybe we ______________ (stay) at home.

11. They ______________ (bake) some cakes.

12. I  ______________ (take) you with me next month.

13. Ashley  ______________ (stay) at home tonight.

14. It  ______________ (be) very hot this summer.