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Future perfect continuous tense is used to describe an action that will be in progress over a period of time which will end in the future.

In this tense we use a time reference “Since” or “For” to indicate the time of action that is when the action started in the past or for how long the action continued.

When the exact time (particular day, month, year, time etc.) is given : 4 pm, January, 1984


When the number/quantity/duration of time (3 days, 5 months, 7 years) is given


a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject +  Auxiliary Verb ( Will Have Been ) + Main Verb 1st  Form + ing + Object + Since/For


1. She will have been working here for 3 years.

2. The kids will have been working on the project for 3 hours.

3. They will have been sleeping since 2 PM.

4. She will have been studying since 5 PM.

5. We will have been walking since 6 AM.

6. Malhotra’s will have been residing in Faridabad for nine years.

7. Ridhima will have been washing clothes for two hours.

8. The conference will have been occurring for three hours.

9. Doctors will have been discovering the antidote for COVID19 since January 2020.

10. We will have been learning English for six months.

11. Mahima will have been taking care of the baby since 1 am.

12. He will have been attending the classes since tomorrow.

13. UP government will have been preparing for the state elections since 2021.

14. Apple will have been organising the WDC2020 since June 2020.

15. Riya will have been delivering milk for one hour.

b) Negative Sentence

Subject +  Auxiliary Verb ( Will Not Have Been ) + Main Verb 1st  Form + ing + Object + Since/For


1. We will not have been living here for 6 years.

2. They will not have been working since 5 PM.

3. The employees will not have been discussing the meeting for 2 hours.

4. She will not have been using her laptop since 2016.

5. I will not have been working in this organization for 4 years.

6. Sita will not have been studying since 2 pm.

7. Naira will not have been coloring for 1 hour.

8. It will not have been raining since tomorrow.

9. Shubham’s college will not have been reopening for two weeks.

10. They will not have been completing the project since March.

11. The peon will not have been printing the notices for 6 hours.

12. Reliance will not have been launching Jio fiber optic broadband since April 2020.

13. Mother will not have been shopping for one hour.

14. Japan will not have been conducting the Olympics since June 2020.

15. Mamta will not have been acclimatising to the British climate since 2021.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb ( Will ) + Subject + Have Been +  Main Verb 1st  Form + ing + Object + Since/For


1. Will she have been living in Delhi for 6 years?

2. Will they have been travelling since 5 Am?

3. Will he have been studying for 4 hours?

4. Will they have been waiting for us for 3 hours?

5. Will you have been writing your research paper for 1 year?

6. Will Siya not have been submitting her answer sheet for half an hour?

7. Will the police not have been catching the culprits for two years ?

8. Will the opposition parties have been winning the elections since 2023?

9. Will mankind have been living on Mars since March 2030?

10. Will Delhi police have been catching all the rioters for two months?

11. Will they have been reaching the station since morning?

12. Will Aman have been completing his studies since 2020?

13. Will private schools have been decreasing their fees since April?

14. Will Area 51 have been opening for citizens since 2021?

15. Will Australia have been winning the cricket world cup since 2021?


Fill in the blanks :

1. They will not have been ________ the project since March.

a). completed

b). complete

c). completing

2. …………..