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Future perfect tense is used to describe an action that will be completed by a certain time in future.

a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject +  Auxiliary Verb ( Will Have ) + Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. She will have learnt English before moving to England.

2. I will have returned your money by next Saturday.

3. I will have taken a bath before the school bus arrives.

4. You will have gotten ready before we reach your house.

5. She will have bought a new phone.

6. I will have started my own business by Navratri.

7. You will have achieved your goal by 2021.

8. I will have completed my project by next month.

9. Mohan will have finished writing his email till 5 pm.

10. They will have visited their own house by tomorrow.

11. We will have started our studio in November.

12. She will have learned French before 2021.

13. A new movie will have won the award.

14. Rajesh will have gone to Delhi next week.

15. You will have danced at the stage by 2027.

b) Negative Sentence

Subject  +  Auxiliary Verb ( Will Not Have ) + Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. He will not have reached his office.

2. They will not have returned my book.

3. She will not have waited for me.

4. The kids will not have completed their homework.

5. The clients will not have received the mail.

6. Artificial Intelligence will not have introduced in the next session.

7. Chef will not have cooked the food by afternoon.

8. Clinic will not have opened tomorrow.

9. He will not have read this book tomorrow.

10. Patient will not have died due to Coronavirus.

11. Coronavirus will not have killed people in Sikkim.

12. Rita will not have cleaned her house.

13. Rahul will not have fought with his mother.

14. My father will not have got the appointment.

15. We will not have returned from the tour.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb ( Will ) + Subject + Have + Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. Will she have moved to the USA?

2. Will they have returned her books?

3. Will he have helped his friend?

4. Will she have bought a new laptop?

5. Will they have finished their assignment?

6. Will you have changed your dress?

7. Will Mahesh have finished his homework?

8. Will Rita not have cooked the food?

9. Will you have taught us?

10. Will Canada have won the match?

11. Will you have learned Sanskrit by 2070?

12. Will Yuvraj have taken part in IPL?

13. Will they have painted their house by Deepawali?

14. Will our scientists have discovered a vaccine for Coronavirus?

15. Will the glass turtle not have broken ?


Fill in the blanks :

1. Vijay will not have _____the lesson.

a). teach

b). teaching

c). taught

2. …………..