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Our actions are the image of our character and the face of our skills. Today’s fast-growing industry only cares about how efficiently you are shaping up your thoughts while presenting your presentation. ‘An entrepreneur is someone who makes a castle of his ideas, creates a vision, and toil towards to achieve its final destination to construct an empire on his terms’. Exploring and evolving new creations is the ideology of today’s generation. Soothingly presenting a unique idea is the new definition of great work and the sign of success. We are existing in the period of digitization where software is the backbone of the whole system and technology. Poetically software is that wand stick which gives wings to human efforts

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the software that is ruling over the whole world for the past few decades. Its features are the “apple of eye” for its consumers. The main functionality of this software is that it can manipulate and hold a tight grip on the variable data. Other than that it will turn your dull looking data into appealing graphic designs and figures. Technically, Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet having rows and columns. Each row and column makes a cell and this cell is the key factor of MS Excel. The features which Microsoft excel have will make you and your work shine in your firm. Calculations are the major subject to tackle but excel formulas not only calculate them but also present a neat and tightly knitted view of your report. Apart from this, it has advanced functions also like Conditional formatting, pivot tables, advanced charts and graphs, VBA and Macros, Count If, SUM IF, H Lookup, V Lookup, Averages and many more

Importance of Microsoft Excel in business and academics

“ Do you know how to work in Microsoft excel ? ” This question will surely knock at your door but if you face this question with a question mark your selection for a job may be doubtful, so this is a priority for you to learn it and it’s a need of today’s industry. In an organization there are numerous projects and departments to deal with, for example, the high investment projects, production and sales reports, finance, search inquiries, customer relationship management, etc. so every individual who wants to enter the business world should know the Microsoft Excel basics. It will tackle and manage all the mind-boggling data which may appear as a mess.

In the business field, your project and assignment reports define your working ability in front of your chiefs and heads. Just try your hand in  Microsoft Excel, you can surely make your reports even more fascinating and engaging. You can change the life cycle of your product by creating its databases in excel. By this, you can put variations in your sales marketing and you can easily compare your product cost values with other competitors.

On the work front, each profession demands excel skills. All businesses public or personal, need a tool to manage their data and excel is a trustworthy software that ends their search. In academics also we have multiple assignments to prepare and excel will be the best source in collecting all the necessary documents in one sheet and with the help of hyperlink you can directly fetch the data from the web

Our Microsoft Excel Basic course includes

Some of the features of our basics program are :

  • Spreadsheets
  • Create, edit, save and analyze data
  • Page setup and applying borders
  • Usage of various mathematical / operational formulas
  • Data sorting, data arrangement in logical orders
  • Data filtration
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Data formatting
  • Various other keyboard shortcuts and functions ( like print, coloring tabs etc.)

To learn something, two things are required, first learning spirit and second is the correct methodology. We provide that atmosphere to our clients where they learn with the industry experts, who share their personal experience and motivate students to move ahead in their career. 

Why choose US ?

Learn from industry experts

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100% placement assistance

Interactive and practical sessions

Training on live projects

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