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Our thoughts are produced in scenes and end in them. When we recall something a series of images start running in our head. Each of our memories is related to a bundle of pictures. On a professional level, an extremely visually rich presentation always works as a booster in the tiresome conference. Microsoft PowerPoint is the official software to make electronic presentations and its non-deniable if we say that PowerPoint presentations are attention seekers and quite fascinating from classrooms to boardrooms

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office and it’s globally used software to make presentations or we can say PowerPoint presentations. These presentations contain slides and images and other than that it has several features to make your work alive

Microsoft PowerPoint Basic course includes

Foundation of Microsoft PowerPoint, PowerPoint screen, Use of Ribbon, Keyboard shortcuts, Use of Tools and bars

Slides, themes and templates, designing tabs, content formatting , images and graphs, various types of presentation

Insertion, separation, arrangement, title, diagrams, shapes and lines, slide layouts

Insertion, formatting, bullet and styles, paragraphs, table, text boxes

Insertion, special effects

Artistic effect, background images, slideshows, video and audio, print

How Microsoft PowerPoint is important ?

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations help in engaging with the audience and make your concepts more clear for the attendees and intensify the value of your investment and product vibrancy. In business world or a school project, apart from your communication skills, thing which matters the most is your presentation skills and MS PowerPoint is that software which not only helps you to create your presentation easily but also provides best options to improvise it and make it well organized. By using this software you can develop an audible and visually rich presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint has different features like sheets, formatting, slides, designing tabs and you can add multiple videos with your content to make it more impressive. In business world for the success of your effort along with your product the look of your presentation is equally important. For students, PowerPoint presentations are the best source to prepare any project and receive good comments

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