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This tense is used to state an action that occurred in the past on a regular basis or an action that completed some time ago.

a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject +  Main Verb IInd Form + Object


1. I went to school.

2. They appeared for the exam.

3. She sang a song.

4. I watched television in the evening.

5. I washed my clothes.

6. She finished her work.

7. I read my English book.

8. I attended my English class today.

9. It rained today.

10. She called me.

11. She passed her test.

12. The children played cricket.

13. I cleaned my room in the afternoon.

14. I wrote a song.

15. I learnt something new today.

b) Negative Sentence

 Subject + Auxiliary Verb (Did) + Not + Main Verb Ist Form + Object


1. I did not eat my lunch.

2. She did not complete her work.

3. He did not pass the exam.

4. I did not read the newspaper.

5. She did not go to the market.

6. I did not wake up early in the morning.

7. He did not buy anything.

8. They did not scold me.

9. He did not catch the bus.

10. She did not go to school.

11. They did not reply to the email.

12. The train did not arrive at the station.

13. I did not play cricket yesterday.

14. Mohan did not write an e-mail to his manager.

15. We did not complete our work.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb (Did) + Subject + Main Verb Ist Form + Object


1. Did you go to work today?

2. Did I say something wrong?

3. Did they shift to New Delhi?

4. Did you meet him?

5. Did you know about the child labour act?

6. Did you understand my words?

7. Did his work prove futile?

8. Did Shyam score the goal?

9. Did he message you?

10. Did you put on your shoes?

11. Did Victor turn on the lights?

12. Did you monitor the class?

13. Did ISRO get success in Chandrayaan Mission II?

14. Did the government pass the farmer safety act?

15. Did Trump lend him some money?


  • For regular verbs, add ‘ed’ at the end of the verb.
  • Add ‘d’ at the end of the verbs already ending with ‘e’.


Play 🡪 Played

Type 🡪 Typed

Listen 🡪 Listened

Push 🡪 Pushed

Love 🡪 Loved

  • For some irregular verbs, the Simple Past Tense looks exactly like the root form of the verb.


Put 🡪 Put

Cut 🡪 Cut

Set 🡪 Set

Hit 🡪 Hit

  • Other irregular verbs include .

See 🡪 Saw

Build 🡪 Built

Go 🡪 Went

Do 🡪 Did

Rise 🡪 Rose

Wake 🡪 Woke

Take 🡪 Took

Make 🡪 Made

Am/Is/Are 🡪 Was/ Were

To Have 🡪 Had

To Say 🡪 Said

To Get 🡪 Got

To See 🡪 Saw

To Come 🡪 Came

To Grow 🡪 Grew

To Meet 🡪 Met

To Feel 🡪 Felt


Fill in the blanks :

1. They all (go) ______________________ shopping.

2. I never (imagine) ____________________ I would see you here.

3. We (book) ___________________ two tickets for the show.

4. He (collect) ______________________ his children from school.

5. Were you (frighten) ____________________ of the dark when you were young?

6. Who (eat) _________________________ my chocolate?

7. I (feel) ______________________ so tired that I went straight to bed.

8. We (grow) ____________________ this tree from a seed.

9. She (lose) ____________________ her way home.

10. He thought I (steal)________________ his umbrella.

Covert to Simple Past Tense

1. Last year I ___________(go) to England on holiday.

2. It_______________ (be) fantastic.

3. I______________ (visit) lots of interesting places. I _________(be) with two friends of mine .

4. In the mornings we _______________(walk) in the streets of London.

5. In the evenings we ____________ (go) to parks.

6. The weather_______________ (be) strangely fine.

7. It _________________(not / rain) a lot.

8. But we ______________(see) some beautiful rainbows.

9. Where _________________(spend / you) your last holiday?