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An action that occurred or completed a long time ago in the past.

Example: When I reached the station the train had started.

It may also be used to state an action that occurred in the recent past, but if it is intended to convey a sense of completion of the action with reference to other activities that took place after the same action.

Example: He had left when I reached the office..

a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Had ) + Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. I had lost my book.

2. She had gone to the school.

3. We had booked our tickets.

4. When she reached the stop, the bus had already left.

5. He had eaten his lunch.

6. Mahesh had broken the glass.

7. Ramesh had gone to the market.

8. He had admitted his mistake.

9. The patient had died before the doctor arrived.

10. I had forgotten to take the medicine.

11. Sita had watered the fields.

12. He had given up before appearing in the examination.

13. Rohan had fallen from the terrace.

14. He had learned many languages before completing his graduation.

15. We had wasted our precious time.

b) Negative Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Had ) + Not +  Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. He had not informed me about the class timings.

2. They had not finished their project.

3. She had not returned my book.

4. The kids had not gone to the school.

5. We had not reached the station when the train came

6. We had not completed your homework.

7. Other kings had not supported courageous Prithviraj Chauhan.

8. He had not lost everything after that accident.

9. Riots had not taken place in Faridabad.

10. The plumber had not fixed the pipeline properly.

11. The mall had not closed when I reached there.

12. Sage Ved Vyas had not written The Mahabharat before Lord Krishna’s arrival.

13. He had not snatched everything from me.

14. I had not studied here earlier.

15. I had not drunk the milk.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb ( Had ) + Subject +  Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. Had she prepared the kids for the school?

2. Had they gone out?

3. Had she come back from the office?

4. Had you finished your assignment?

5. Had you visited the doctor when you were sick?

6. Had they seen The Taj Mahal?

7. Had Ruchi turned off the lights?

8. Had you returned from the marriage?

9. Had the patient recovered from the disease?

10. Had the train left the station?

11.  Had the thief run from the spot?

12. Had he sunk in the canal?

13. Had you enjoyed the trip?

14. Had two students left before the class was over?

15. Had the crowd become violent before his speech?


Fill in the blanks :

1. Had Mohan ______ for the exam?


a). Register

b). Register

c). Registered


2. ……