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Present continuous tense is used to describe an on-going action of the present  that even continues at the time we are speaking about it.



We/You/They/Plural Object


He/She/It/Singular Object


a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Sub +  Auxiliary Verb ( Is/Am/Are ) + Main V. Ist Form + ing + Obj


1. I am going to the school.

2. I am dancing.

3. Rahul and Ram are playing cricket.

4. People are walking in the park.

5. She is cleaning her room.

6. My mother is brooming.

7. It is raining today.

8. Sheetal is drinking water.

9. The fan is running

10. She is eating lunch.

11. I am watching television.

12. Wind is blowing.

13. I am speaking English.

14. Riddhi is jumping on the trampoline.

15. Sita is cooking food.

b) Negative Sentence

Sub +  Auxiliary Verb ( Is/Am/Are ) + Not + Main V. Ist Form + ing + Obj


1. He is not going to the school today.

2. Kids are not playing outside.

3. We are not listening to the music.

4. Rahul is not sleeping.

5. They are not preparing for their exam.

6. Anshika is not returning home

7. Mahima is not drinking milk.

8. Anya is not going upstairs.

9. The guests are not sitting on the couch.

10. We are not going to the market.

11. Vihan’s father is not encouraging him.

12. The artist is not making a portrait.

13. Ramya is not reading the book.

14. It is not frightening.

15. Mamta is not frying snacks

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb ( Is/Am/Are ) + Subject + Main V. Ist Form + ing + Obj


1. Are you going on a vacation?

2. Is she learning to dance?

3. Is he sleeping?

4. Am I telling a lie?

5. Is your mother cooking food?

6. Is the bulb glowing?

7. Are the animals grazing?

8. Is Riya solving a Maths problem?

9. Is she grasping my idea?

10. Are horses living in the stable?

11. Is Mohan greeting his teacher?

12. Is the cow mooing?

13. Is the laptop charging?

14. Are children playing in the park?

15. Is Priti assisting the old woman?


Fill in the blanks :

1. Hurry up! We __________ for you

a. Waiting

b. Are waiting

c. Wait

2. What are you ___________? I ____________ letters.

a. Doing, am writing

b. Done, writing

c. Doing, write

3. He ______________ in Italy at the moment.

a. Works

b. Working

c. Is working

4. She doesn’t like to be disturbed when she ______________.

a. Works

b. Working

c. Is working

5. That child _____________ bigger everyday.

a. Gets

b. Getting

c. Is getting

6. Who is that girl _______________ on the table?

a. Stand

b. Standing

c. Is standing

7. I ___________ for the shops to open.

a. Wait

b. Am waiting

c. Waiting

8. I _____________ Jane tomorrow.

a. See

b. Am seeing

c. seeing

9. The universe ______________ and has been since its beginning.

a. Expands

b. Is expanding

c. Expanding

10. My sister ______________ at home for the moment.

a. Lives

b. Living

c. Is living

Complete the following sentences (present continuous tense):

1. My son_____(talk) on the phone right now.

2. _____(you / sleep)?

3. Jason_____(do) his homework at the moment.

4. Tom_____(work) on a project nowadays.

5. My kids_____(play) in the garden now.

6. Some people_____(wait) to talk to you.

7. My wife_____(not cook) today.

8. _____(Rahul / study) for his exam right now?

9. _____(Divya / play) the piano now?

10. Karan and I_____(paint) the fences today.

11. Amit_____(help) me at present.

12. My children_____(not listen) to the radio now.

13. Sakshi_____(not drink) tea now.

14. I_____(vacuum) the carpet right now.

15. My father_____(watch) TV now.

16. What_____(she / eat) right now.

17._____(your dog / hide) from me?

18. What book_____(you / read) nowadays?

19. Thomas_____(drive) me home now.

20. I_____(wash) my face at the moment.