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Present indefinite tense is used to describe an action that occurs in present on regular basis.

I/We/You/They/Plural Object

Verb Ist Form

He/She/It/Singular Object

Verb Ist Form + s/es

a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject + Main Verb Ist Form + Object


1. He goes to school daily.

2. She works in a store.

3. She beats her.

4. I drink milk on a daily basis.

5. He drives the bike.

6. He spreads rumours.

7. I work a lot in the office.

8. He prays daily.

9. He brings lunch for me on a daily basis.

10. He sleeps a lot.

11. I come to the institute.

12. I like to dance.

13. He goes to the gym every morning.

14. She sleeps at 10 pm.

15. They play football on the ground.

b) Negative Sentence

I/We/You/They/Plural Object


He/She/It/Singular Object



Only Main Verb Ist Form  (-s/es is not used) 

Subject + Auxiliary Verb (Do/Does) + Not + Main Verb Ist Form + Object


1. He does not eat fruits.

2. I do not go to school.

3. She does not like dancing.

4. He does not drink water.

5. Naresh does not take a bath.

6. Robin does not meet me.

7. He does not attend marriage functions.

8. He does not bring milk from the market.

9. They do not play on the ground.

10. Mike does not love me.

11. She does not drive.

12. Seema does not disturb me.

13. The Sun does not rise from the east.

14. I do not like the mountain.

15. I do not go home from the office.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb (Do/Does) + Subject + Main Verb Ist Form + Object


1. Do you need some help?

2. Does he want to go to college?

3. Do you go to school?

4. Does she like music?

5. Do I teach you?

6. Does he go to school ?

7. Does he not go to the park ?

8. Does Shyam not play with me ?

9. Does Victor like me ?

10. Does Mohan go to Delhi ?

11. Does Rama eat ice cream?

12. Does he polish his shoes on a daily basis?

13. Does Ruchi climb the tree?

14. Does Sumit greet his teacher?

15. Does Raj bring vegetables from the market ?


Fill in the blanks :

1. I ______ at a stable.

a). Work

b). Works

c). Working

2. She _________ with her sister.

a). Live

b). Lives

c). Living

3. Horse_______ on grass.

a). Feed

b). Feeds

c). Feeding

4. Ramesh_______ a handsome salary.

a). Earn

b). Earns

c). Earning

5. Janet _______ to be a doctor.

a). Want

b). Wants

c). Wanting

6. Amit_______ tasty cake.

a). Make

b). Makes

c). Making

7. Aarti and her mother_______ in Australia.

a). Live

b). Lives

c). Living

8. Rohan and Sohan______ to play badminton.

a). Like

b). Likes

c). Liking

9. Sonia________ English very well.

a). Speak

b). Speaks

c). Speaking

10. Manya_______ for a ride in the morning.

a). Go

b). Goes

c). Going

11. My father_______ his horse.

a). Adore

b). Adores

c). Adoring

12. Plants _____ sunlight to make their food.

a). Need

b). Needs

c). Needing