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Present perfect continuous tense is used to state an action that started in the past >> has continued to present / has recently stopped.

In this tense we use a time reference “Since” or “For” to indicate the time of action that is when the action started in the past or for how long the action continued.

I/We/You/They/Plural Object


He/She/It/Singular Object


When the exact time (particular day, month, year, time etc.) is given : 4 pm, January, 1984


When the number/quantity/duration of time (3 days, 5 months, 7 years ) is given


a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Has Been / Have Been ) + Main Verb Ist Form + ing + Object + Since/For


1. They have been living in Delhi since 1990.

2. I have been studying in Paris for 16 years.

3. It has been raining here for three days.

4. We have been learning english for the last one year.

5. Child has been crying since morning.

6. We have been sitting here since three pm.

7. They have been watching TV since morning.

8. I have been working in the salon for three years.

9. He has been playing cricket for the last two hours.

10. Mahesh has been staring at the watch for the last 20 minutes.

11. I have been working here for 2 years.

12. It has been brewing for the last two hours.

13. She has been sleeping for 3 hours.

14. He has been teaching in this school for 3 years.

15. They have been waiting for the bus for 2 hours.

b) Negative Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Has / Have ) + Not + Been + Main Verb Ist Form + ing + Object + Since/For


1. She has not been taking classes since the first of March.

2. Dhoni has not been playing cricket for two months.

3. CAA protests have not been happening in Delhi since the third of March.

4. I have not been feeling good for six months.

5. They have not been caring for the work since 2018.

6. Her married life has not been running well for the last one year.

7. Sita has not been playing hockey for the last two years.

8. He has not been talking to her for the last seven months.

9. She has not been reading her book since Monday.

10. I have not been sleeping for 3 days.

11. She has not been working since 1995.

12. He has not been going to his office since last week.

13. The kids have not been eating for 4 hours.

14. I have not been paying attention to him Since Monday.

15. Students have not been attending their class since last Tuesday.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb ( Has / Have ) + Subject + Been + Main Verb Ist Form + ing + Object + Since/For


1. Have I been reading this book for ten days ?

2. Has he been learning English for a year ?

3. Have you been working with this organization since 2015?

4. Has Ram been trying to make his own house since 2000 ?

5. Has she been teaching for 5 years?

6. Have I been going to the park since February ?

7. Has he been working on his research paper since January?

8. Has he been using his own vehicle for the last five years ?

9. Has he not been studying since morning ?

10. Has he been practicing for cricket since March ?

11. Have you not been teaching since January ?

12. Have they been watching the game for 2 hours?

13. Has he not been using the same laptop since 2019 ?

14. Has he not been passing his exam for the last two years ? 

15. Has he been using his car for 3 years now?


Fill in the blanks :

1. I _________________ the job.

a. Have

b. Has

c. Am

2. Have you _________________your lunch?

a. Eat

b. Ate

c. Eaten

3. She _________________ yet.

a. Has not return

b. Is not returned

c. Has not returned

4. I _________________ such a mess.

a. Never saw

b. Have never seen

c. Have never saw

5. _________________ this his violin?

a. Is

b. Has

c. Have

6. Have you ever _________________ to Australia?

a. Be

b. Being

c. Been

7. I _________________ all the plays of Shakespeare.

a. Read

b. Am read

c. Have read

8. My parents _________________ me.

a. Has never hurt

b. Have never hurt

c. Have never hurted

9. He _________________ to be a soldier.

a. Is have

b. Has

c. Is

10. She _________________ to anybody.

a. Never apologized

b. Have never apologized

c. Has never apologized