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Present perfect tense is used to describe an action that has recently completed in present; however the actual time of it’s completion is not known.

I/We/You/They/Plural Object


He/She/It/Singular Object


a) Affirmative/Positive Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Has/Have ) + Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. She has gone to her office.

2. I have completed my work.

3. You have done a good job.

4. He has given me his phone.

5. They have worked on the project together.

6. I have completed my training.

7. I have done my school homework.

8. She has celebrated her birthday.

9. The fan has stopped rotating.

10. I have visited Bikaner.

11. Fuel of my car has finished.

12. Current government has revoked Article 370.

13. We have visited the market.

14. She has bought a new dress.

15. Vinay has changed his clothes.

b) Negative Sentence

Subject + Auxiliary Verb ( Has/Have ) + Not + Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. You have not helped them.

2. She has not completed her tasks.

3. They have not called me for the interview.

4. I have not eaten my lunch.

5. The children have not gone to the picnic.

6. Rita has not come to the coaching institute.

7. The plant has not grown in the field.

8. Soumya has not spoken in the meeting.

9. Children have not played badminton due to rain.

10. Yuvraj has not visited the playground.

11. The teacher has not taken the lecture.

12. Priyanka has not returned my book.

13. The dealer has not taken the defective pieces.

14. I have not cascaded the project knowledge to the team.

15. Satish has not drunk alcohol.

c) Interrogative Sentence

Auxiliary Verb ( Has/Have ) + Subject + Main Verb 3rd Form + Object


1. Have you been to Delhi?

2. Has she gone out?

3. Have I missed the train?

4. Have the kids eaten their meal?

5. Has she bought a new laptop?

6. Has Ramya completed her work ?

7. Has it rained today ?

8. Has Mamta taken home cooked food?

9. Has Sohan prepared for his exams?

10. Has junk food culture affected our digestive system?

11. Have you watered the plants ?

12. Has Rahul gone for Mathematics tuition?

13. Have you provided your best efforts?

14. Has the production of tyres completed in the factory ?

15. Has Sachin hit a century ?


Fill in the blanks :

1. Ram ______  not received his book.

a). Is

b). did

c). has

2. ………