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Social Media Optimization

Our Social Media Marketing Services are focused on providing you a competitive edge by growing brand awareness, relationships and website traffic.  Our services are designed to show you various platforms where people are talking about you, how and where you can get more engaged with your audience and the strategies you should use to increase your brand awareness.

What you get !

  • A complete social media marketing strategy
  • Social media audit
  • Blog design, setup and optimization
  • Online reputation management
  • Analytics and insights
  • Competitive analysis
  • Increased website exposure
  • Content creation
  • Brand and engagement campaigns

How do our Social Media Marketing Services work

Social media Manager

You will be assigned with a dedicated social media manager responsible for developing and executing your social media strategy 

Social media strategy

Your assigned social media manager will study your business, conduct a proper market research and develop a strategy that is designed just for your business


Based on the strategy developed, we will design content and advertisements for your brand. You will have full authority to review the posts before it goes live on your social media pages.

monitoring and evaluation

We will manage all social media activity on your pages including comments, messages and reviews to help your customers stay engaged

Reporting and performance

You will be provided with a monthly report to review the performance